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Commercial Locksmith McAllen TXTaking your time to investigate and install the best door lock for your home can provide the first line of safety for your family and your belongings. A professional locksmith and members of the local police department in your area can help you evaluate your locks security. These professionals can verify what works and what doesn’t work, so why not take advantage of their expertise and experience when choosing the best locks for your home.

Burglaries have always been a concern for homeowners. But what is the best way to keep your home safe? You undoubtedly would have already mounted a security system, if you haven’t fixed one, then do so right away, and get a guard dog to patrol your property. Studies and reports show that most burglars will gain access to a house through the back or front doors. So ensure your back and front doors locked and secure, by installing a state of the art locking system.

Key advantages of a good lock:

  • Having a good door locking system gives your home the utmost protection against any forceful entry or physical attack.
  • An average door lock can be forcefully unlocked using crowbars, a key or knife. While a good lock, on the other hand, is nearly impossible to breach with a crowbar, etc.
  • A good door lock can take a plenty of time to breach and is tougher to open.

Note, that no door lock can guarantee 100 percent protection for your home. However, you can significantly reduce the risk of any of break ins to your home by using a good and standard lock on the main door of your house to make it difficult for burglars or any other intruder to break into your home.

Also, note that some locks have strike plates that come with 3-inch screws providing extra protection against force. If your door locks didn’t come with these three-inch screws, there are other options for strike plates. You can get them at your local hardware store. Doorjamb strengthening kits are also available, and can be fixed into the existing doorjamb so as to strengthen the key strike points.

Bump proof locks are an excellent idea:

Ensure that the locks you install on your door are bump proof, because it wouldn’t matter how secure your door appears as a criminal can easily breach your door with a bump key he/she purchased online. Bumping, which is also known as rapping is a technique that has been used to open locked car doors for decades, In fact, this technique has been on for about half a century.

If bump proof locks are installed correctly, it is tough to breach. No lock picking technique will unlock or breach it quickly. Bump proof locks are great and worth the money.

The advantages of installing a good quality lock are endless. Don’t skimp on price or quality just to save a few bucks because in the end it is your family and valuables that you are protecting.