Most people don’t know this about automotive locksmiths.

safe crackerMost people when they think of an automotive locksmith think that they pop doors late at night or that they make automotive keys. While this is true the job of an automotive locksmith is much more complex. From modern automotive alarms, keyless entry systems, to transponder keys, the automotive locksmith has to be well experienced and trained in order to offer a broad range of services that can meet the demands of the community.

With the modern advancements in automotive locking technologies and the diverse nature of the automotive industry the automotive locksmith of today really has their hands full.

bmwThe automotive locksmith has to be part mechanic, part locksmith and part electronic specialist. With such diversity in the needs of the marketplace how does the automotive locksmith stay up to date? The answer is actually quite simple; through good ol’ fashioned hardwork and studying the new up-and-coming automotive locking technologies.

The automotive locksmith dutuies are literally endless. The following is a list of the most common duties of the modern locksmith:

  1. McAllen Locksmith Automotive ServicesAutomotive keys: With 1000’s of different kinds of automotive keys found in the world the modern automotive locksmith has to have on hand blank keys for all of the most common vehicles. Many automotive locksmiths will dedicate half of the space in his locksmith van to automotive key making.
  2. Lock installation: Automotive locks have a limited lifespan because they are used so frequently. A big portion of the automotive locksmiths job is to install new automotive locks.
  3. Ignition lock replacement: For whatever reason automotive ignition locks will fail. It is very common for automotive locksmiths to replace ignition locks. Many times the automotive locksmith will be able to locate used automotive ignitions from junkyards, in turn passing the savings along to the customer.
  4. Transponder key programming: Transponder keys are found in up to 75% of all of the new vehicles produced today. With these new technologies comes the need for the automotive locksmith to have to reprogram transponder keys for when the customer loses their transponder keys or would like duplicates made for them.
  5. Automotive lockouts: Probably the most common type of automotive locksmith services is the automotive lockout. Whether it is Noon or it is 3am the automotive locksmith has to be on call to cater to the late night demands of the community.
  6. vwBroken key extraction: Automotive keys have a limited lifespan and will weaken over repeated use. Sometimes automotive keys will break off into the door locks or ignition. When they do the automotive locksmith can come and extract the broken keys.
  7. Lock repair: Not all automotive locks need to be replaced. Sometimes it’s just a matter of replacing individual components in order to get them to operate again.
  8. Boats and motorcycles: Besides the automotive marketplace the automotive locksmith needs to be available to help boat and motorcycle owners alike. Just like the automotive market there is a big demand for these services.
  9. Car alarm installation/repair: Many times problems with a vehicles alarm system will prohibit it from being started. An automotive locksmith will be there for you to repair the vehicles alarm system.
  10. Trunk popping: Last but not least, trunk popping. Some vehicles are known for trunks that malfunction. The automotive locksmith is well aware of the procedures needed to correct these issues.

As you can see the automotive locksmith needs to be well experienced and familiar with all of the different kinds of vehicles found in the world. An automotive locksmiths ability to meet the needs of the community will be determined by the amount of experience that they have providing automotive locksmith services. When considering hiring an automotive locksmith look for one with numerous years of experience.

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